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Grade 3, Grade 2 & Grade 1 Cylinders

Most of our vented copper cylinders come as industry standard Part L, suitable for 10m working head, and have to be lagged.

Nearly all of our Gledhill vented cylinders are available for upgrade to grade 2 and grade 1 cylinders on the relevant ticklist for each product. The thickness of copper increases the lower the grade:

Grade 3 test pressure is 1.45 bar and is suitable for 10m working head

Grade 2 test pressure is 2.2 bar and is suitable for 15m working head

Grade 1 test pressure is 3.65 bar and is suitable for 25m working head

Please call us on 0113 871 5 871 or email sales@coppercylinder.co.uk if you don't see the cylinder you're looking for.

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